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Vijaya Bank is the most popular nationalized bank in India. It belongs to the most reputed public sector banks. A number of jobs are provided by the Vijaya bank each year against several vacancies. Different branches of this bank are spread throughout the Indian mainland. Therefore, this year they are ready to hire new candidates also for their bank. Below you will find a complete list of Vijaya bank recruitment this year.

About Vijaya Bank

The Vijaya Bank is an Indian operating bank. This bank has excelled since Shri A.B. Shetty established it at Mangalore in 1931. Starting that time, the bank established numerous branches and chains. This bank was nationalized by the government in 1980. After that, the company rose to the top of success.

There are about 2100 companies operating in India, with almost 17000 people working there. Due to the fact that the bank is one of the central banks, countless people apply every year for recruitment. The day of Dussehra, one of India’s most important celebrations, was when Shri A.B. Shetty established Vijaya Bank. “Vijaya” is derived from the Hindu festival of Dussehra, also called Vijayadashami. A proposal of an emergence was received in 2018 from “Dena bank” and “Baroda bank”.

“The Finance Ministry of the Government of India” presented this proposal. A number of central banks merged after negotiations. Additionally, Baroda bank provided Vijaya bank with 402 shares. With the bank’s annual reports of 2019, it was the number three bank in India. Having a $2 billion-dollar business. It has been merged by several banks since its establishment. Vijaya’s history and success can be seen in the museum dedicated to the bank.

Available Positions at Vijaya Bank

  • Office Assistant
  • Peon
  • Clerk
  • Manager
  • Advisor Treasury
  • Executive
  • Cheif Manager

Basic Requirements to Join Vijaya Bank

Vijaya Bank offers an array of career opportunities. For aspirants of the bank to take advantage of the loans, certain requirements have been put in place. For any position at the bank, it is essential that the person applying be an Indian citizen. As a migrant, he/she ought to intend to move to India.

In addition, there are some additional requirements for banking aspirants. For long-term stability, the best aspirants, such as the rest of India’s nationalized banks, have applied to the bank. Each job post has different eligibility criteria. Candidates applying for management positions, for instance, will be required to take the IBPS exam. Entry-level candidates will also be tested by IBPS. It is mandatory to take the IBPS (Institute of Banking Personnel Selection) exam. Candidates applying to rural, regional, or public sector banks must complete this application. There are three sections on this exam:

  • English Language (Basic level)
  • Reasoning and general awareness
  • Professional/leadership skills
  • If you want to pass this exam, you must score 50% in every section.

IBPS exam = 200 marks / 200 questions (includes negative marking). Candidates who score high on the exam will proceed to the interview process. They’ll get trained and placed in various branches all over the country, once that’s done.

Only 10th standard is the minimum education level for sweepers and peons. Additionally, there will be a written test. The minimum age to apply is 18 years. For specific categories, the age limit may vary from 26 years to 30 years. If the candidates pass the test, they will be called for an interview. As soon as they pass that test, they will be given the respective positions.

Salary & Benefits

Shortlisted candidates are offered lucrative salaries and pensions by the bank. But they are only for Vijay bank recruits. Just like any other company, their compensation packages differ according to the designations. The pay ranges between 7,000 and 20,000 for clerical staff with time. Management services employees at Vijaya receive an average salary of $79K – $86K per year. Employees at these posts are well-trained.

Benefits and Perks

All employees at Vijaya Bank also receive various advantages and perks. The workers are given paid paternal leave and maternity leave. Additionally, they receive travel allowances, home loans, training, and holiday expenses.

Pensions are also offered by the bank for retired employees. All of this is in addition to the salary and other benefits. All policies of the bank follow the guidelines set by the government and RBI. In addition, political involvement is not involved in the banking procedures of the bank. The bank becomes a safer place for the employees as a result.

How to Apply for Vijaya Bank Recruitment?

With the advent of digitalization, it is now possible to apply for all bank positions online. Following these steps will make sure you are applying for the job online correctly.

Steps for Online Application

  1. In order to apply for Vijaya Bank Recruitment, you are required to visit the official site of the bank, which is
  2. On the homepage of their website, you will find the ‘Careers’ icon. If you click that icon, you will see the bank’s job postings, vacancies, and deadlines.
  3. You then click on the job post you want to apply to. And you will read all the instructions that are related to that job post very carefully.
  4. To complete the application, you must read the instructions. Afterwards, you’ll fill it out.
  5. The form must be filled in with accurate information. As the bank does not allow false information to be disclosed.
  6. Your application needs to be reviewed after filling out the form. To make sure it’s filled out properly. You should also review the attached documents.
  7. Then you will download your application and submit it before paying the dues. For different job positions, the fee is different.
  8. Last but not least, switch on the notifications. So you’ll get the latest job posts.

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