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A public sector job is the first career choice of everyone stumbling on the career ladder. One of their other goals is to have a well-paying, respected white-collar job. With Oil India Limited recruitment, these dreams can come true. Whether you’re a fresher or a pro, this is one of the best jobs one could ever have. This site allows you the option of getting an office job, or you can do fieldwork if you like. Here, there is a common occurrence of vacancies in jobs. Everyone who is on the lookout for a job gets notified with a notification.

Accessing these job notices and applying for them is easy. Anyone can do it, it doesn’t matter in reality. The topic of government jobs becomes more popular every year for job hunters. You also receive a stream of benefits from them, in addition to fair wages. Moreover, it is everyone’s right as an Indian citizen to be considered for these jobs. Hence, people do not let a chance like this pass by. A few applicants do not have any interest in the job itself. They just want a job in government. Therefore, the authority came up with an answer to this problem.

There are a few rules that the body presents as conditions for applicants. There is nothing wrong with establishing specific criteria for a post. Therefore, only people who meet all requirements are hired. Getting these jobs requires your abilities. Suppose you are also interested in joining. You need to follow the primary instructions issued by the institute. Get some hints about application requirements. You can check out the salaries the company offers currently for available positions. If the job sounds good to you, then you can also apply online.

About Oil India Limited

Anyone who wishes to become a member of O.I.L should read the institute’s website. They are gunning to get an idea of what they are trying to accomplish. There is no need to learn the body’s setup. Being knowledgeable about it, however, helps with answering questions during the interview. Furthermore, it allows you to see what the organization is looking for in its candidates. Since 1959, the company has been operating. In the late 1800s, its parent institute was a pioneer in oil exploration. Everything began when oil was found at the feet of elephants, who from that time carried a burden.

Following that, it underwent a lot of changes. One-third of the body was purchased by the Government in 1962. Authorities are already looking into it. By 1981, the institute was owned entirely by the state. After that, the company has grown into the second-largest exploration company in the country. The petroleum and Natural Gas Ministry is in charge of the Company. The company provides a variety of products to the petroleum and petrochemical industries. In search of new petroleum resources, the body continues to spread. Over the past 100 years, they have been exploring oil and gas fields.

Available Positions at Oil India Limited

  • Information Engineer
  • Superintendent Officer
  • Service OfficerEngineer
  • Technician
  • Pharmacist
  • Physiotherapist
  • Clerk
  • Teacher
  • Consultant

Basic Requirements to Join Oil India Limited

It offers open posts with some of its needs. Job openings for freshers or any other position generally require a certain level of experience. The age limit for an applicant is something that every institute sets its standards for. It applies here as well. The work done here is very important. For that reason, they need applicants who are mature. Consequently, the minimum age limit for candidates is 27 years of age. People of this age already have work experience. Neither do they need much time to train. For basic posts, the upper limit is 40 years, while for senior roles, the upper limit is 65 years.

Based on the required age, you can guess the education requirements. Graduate and postgraduate candidates are accepted by the body. The body doesn’t require a particular subject in order to get a lesser ranking. If you are looking to join an engineering position, you need a B. Tech or any engineering degree. Applicants for the Geophysics post need to have a PG in it. To join our Legal team, candidates must hold an LLB degree. A human resource manager must have an MBA, majoring in HR. Finally, there is the requirement of the worker’s experience.

The body also prefers candidates who have had a number of years of experience when applying for expert posts. Leaders of these types of jobs need to be able to command the whole team. It is imperative for pros to be well-mannered at work. These are the ones responsible for looking after the rookies. For Manager positions, candidates need a minimum of three years’ experience. Officer jobs in the medical and security sector require the same 2 year training requirement. A secretarial position requires two years of experience. An engineer must have 3 years of experience to be considered for an engineer position.

Salary & Benefits

When it comes down to it, the basic reason most people admire such posts is their salaries. The workload is a little tight. You will receive good compensation in Oil India Limited jobs as a result of your hard work. The salary of a Petroleum Engineer can range from 200k to 1.4 million rupees. An amount of 500k to 1M of INR is made by a Project Manager every year. A chemist earns 55,000 INR a month. A project assistant receives a salary of 45k per month.

Additional benefits are waiting for you except for the salaries you are currently receiving. Being a government employee means you have the best pension plan. Hard-working employees receive extra vacations and paid holidays. The institute offers its employees life and health insurance as well. During your working hours, you get free food and drinks. Rent and bills are covered with your allowance.

How to Apply for Oil India Limited Recruitment?

Candidates have to take aptitude tests for Oil India Limited recruitment. In some cases there is only one main exam, in other cases, there is an extra preliminary exam. In the final step, HR conducts an interview. Clear that and book yourself a job you’ll enjoy. You have learned about an oil career and its demands. The open posts and salaries of employees are also listed here. As soon as you decide to apply, all you need to do is become an applicant. You can apply for jobs online through an online application form. Apply online from the comfort of your home. To know how to apply them correctly, follow these steps.

  1. Visit their site at www.oil-india.com.
  2. Go to the career section to find a job.
  3. Find a suitable position and apply for it.
  4. To do that, you need to register online using your credentials.
  5. You need to upload a scanned signature and picture.
  6. The registration fee must be paid.
  7. You will receive a reply shortly.
  8. The application page is directly accessible by clicking this link.

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