American Airlines Careers – Jobs in AA (American Airlines)

Among American Airlines and its partners, nearly 350 destinations are available in over 50 countries. Since being in business for almost a century, the company has accumulated around 1,000 vehicles in its fleet.

What You Need To Know Before You Join American Airlines

  • 20 years old is the minimum age to work at American Airlines (How old do you have to be for American Airlines?)
  • American Airlines Operation Hours: Available 24/7/day, 7 days a week.

Available Job Openings at American Airlines:

  • Customer Service Representative
  • Flight Attendant
  • Ramp Agent
  • Baggage Handler
  • Ticket Agent
  • Senior Analyst
  • Business Planning

Job Opportunities at American Airlines

Plentiful Openings

There are locations across the United States with locations at every major airport. Since American Airlines offers jobs all around the country, it is open to all applicants. People of varying interests can find fulfilling careers at airports, which require many people to work together.

Focus on Customer Service

Each entry-level job at American Airlines has the goal of providing exceptional customer service. Throughout the organization, all associates have to provide a pleasant experience, from the sales department to the maintenance staff. It is because of this that candidates with previous work in retail or service-related roles thrive at our company.

A Diverse Workforce

Diversity and inclusion are at the core of the company culture. It is more important for managers to hire employees with a diverse set of skills than it is to employ people with an overwhelmingly similar background. American Airlines offers rewarding jobs for individual problem solvers and team players alike.

American Airlines Information about Employment, Salary, and Career Opportunities

Employment with an industry leader comes with ample training. Starting in these entry-level positions, candidates are able to grow into professionals, leading to fulfilling American Airlines careers.

Flight Attendant

  • To be the airline’s face, hiring managers look for energetic, positive, and driven individuals.
  • Find out more by reading the American Airlines job description.
  • Flight attendants typically start with a salary package of $40k, and there is room for growth.
  • On the plane, he or she is responsible for settling passengers and keeping them comfortable.

Baggage Handler

  • You can find more information on American Airlines baggage handler jobs at this website.
  • Those with good organizational skills perform well in this position.
  • Hourly wages for these employees range between $9.00 and $10.00.
  • Having a physically demanding job, baggage handlers should be energized and capable of working quickly.

Customer Service Representative

  • About $13 an hour is the pay rate for customer service reps.
  • Employees inclined to maintain a calm disposition are most likely to succeed in this role.
  • Find out more about American Airlines’ customer service representative positions by checking out the job description.
  • Conducting regular customer service and helping confused passengers is part of the duties.

How to Apply for American Airlines Careers?

Applicants can submit an American Airlines job application via LinkedIn or the company’s career portal. Make sure to include an updated resume with examples of how past employment is relevant. About 15-35 minutes are spent by most applicants filling out the forms. Many positions require a valid passport as well.

Application Status

American Airlines recruiters usually reach out two weeks after an application form is submitted. Further screening methods may be included in the hiring process including phone interviews, video interviews, or even in-person interviews.

Employee Benefits at American Airlines

Several job benefits are available to American Airlines employees. Some of the following will depend largely on the work status of the employee, but workers in general receive:

  • Paid leave or vacation time
  • Disability and life insurance
  • Dental, vision, and medical insurance plans
  • Insurance policies for homes and vehicles
  • Retirement plans through 401(k)s
  • Employee discounts

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