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Every year, there are many jobs offered by AAI careers. In India, the Airport Authority is a legal entity. Their primary duties are the management of airports and air navigation services. The civil aviation ministry runs AAI. The government has a responsibility to upgrade and maintain aviation. In public channels, the authorities announce recruitment notices. It examines the national connectivity and its navigation. There are many responsibilities of this body.

In addition, it’s responsible for managing air traffic. This Authority operates over India and its adjacent oceans. Also operates in 137 terminals, both international and domestic. The company offers its services not only at airports, but also at 25 other locations. All of that shows all of the body’s vastness. And this is so that safety of India’s aviation is ensured. Several important instructions must be followed by the willing job applicant.

It is worthwhile to be a member of the institution. The requirements for becoming an application must be known. Recruiting is important to know. From this page, you will learn about every AAI salary requirement. You can see what you need to know about current job opportunities at here. Consider the possibility that you are interested in the application. Here, you will find out how to build an online application.

About Airports Authority of India

All responsibilities of its parent organizations, IAAI and NAAI, were transferred to the AAI institution. In addition to that, it also has some additional duties. In 1994, the Ministry of Aviation made all the changes. Air space will be created and managed, as well as new management procedures. The civil aviation industry also requires ground services.

The system implemented a System for Automatic Dependency Surveillance. This has enabled India to be one of the most advanced countries in South East Asia. The Authority has joined forces with the Indian Space Research Institute. Throughout the GAGAN project, these departments have both worked hard. There was a strong connection between the GPS project and the augmentation of signals. Products of this project enhanced the navigational capabilities of aircraft.

Several sections are working on AAI’s back end. Among other things, the Safety Directorate provides safety duties. Furthermore, it plays a pivotal role at all the airports. In the engineering department, you will find new technology and facilities. Engineering in civil and electrical disciplines are the basis for its framework.

As well, you have a fire department. Fire department is extremely important. This department provides service that saves lives through recuses and fire brigade services. This demonstrates the results of both teamwork and effort.

Available Positions at AAI

  • Protective Officer
  • Admin
  • Sales
  • Admin Officer
  • Transportation
  • Accountant
  • Customer Services
  • Healthcare
  • Human Resources
  • Management

Basic Requirements to Join Airports Authority of India

Recruiting for junior job posts is open to fresh graduates at AAI recruitments. In addition, it provides jobs for experienced experts. Recruitment needs vary depending on employment requirements. For each open position, the level of expertise needed varies. The education and age requirements are the same for every job. Age requirement for applicants is 18 years.

There is a 27 year upper limit. Our age limit is quite flexible. In special cases, the Authority permits exceptions to the normal age limit. Educational requirements are firm for job positions. The applicant needs a degree of either B. E. or B. Minimum required education is a Tech degree. Education needs to be elevated to a postgraduate degree or even a doctoral degree. The minimum grade for applicants’ bachelor’s degree is 60%.

The degree should be from an A-rank institution. The institute set a framework for determining job competencies. The expertise needed for significant jobs increases. A minimum of 3-5 years’ experience is required for applicants for the article of operational manager. For the junior consultant position, candidates need 3-5 years of experience. Engineers with senior positions need between 5 and 7 years’ engineering expertise. The skills needed for senior consultation jobs are the same.

Recruitment Process

The institute is in charge of hiring pilots and doctors on-site. Three years of expertise is necessary for these jobs. As soon as the candidates fulfill the basic requirements, they undergo the recruitment process. You will have to follow a two-step procedure. A GATE aptitude test is required for candidates. Those who succeed in the test are invited to an interview with the institute.

The interview tests the applicants’ competencies. Questions on technical matters are asked in the interview. The applicant’s study course is a subject of all these questions. An interviewer asks questions about personal details. Candidates share a brief statement about themselves and their reasons for applying. This interviewer asks tricky questions and some common sense questions as well. If you are liked by the interviewer, you will get a job offer.

Salary & Benefits

Workers at AAI receive generous wages. A government institution has to pay its employees in accordance with government policy. Compared with other government sectors, the salary scale is larger. The salary for apprentice jobs is between 20k and 30k INR per month.And the Ground staff makes 25k INR a month. Those posts are paid between 80k to 300k INR per month by the Authority.

All employees of the same sector are paid differently based on their rank. The job’s earnings rise as the position’s difficulty increases. Among the Authority’s employees are extra job benefits. There are also many benefits compared to jobs in the private sector.

Perks and Benefits

A health and wellness program is provided by the body to its employees. Health insurance and medical coverage are available to the workers. They provide health insurance for their workers. That is why people choose to use the body. There are childcare benefits at the institution. In addition to maternity and paternity leaves. Employees who are sick receive paid leave from work.

Employees who work hard can take advantage of paid vacations at AAI. A company will provide employees with bereavement leave. Employees of the company receive discounts on any of their products. It provides its employees with transport and mobile phone services. Free drinks and snacks are offered during working hours by the body. Everyone of us has a dream of working at an institute like that.

How to Apply for AAI Careers?

There are a number of ways to work for AAI. Besides knowing the requirements and benefits of the department’s jobs, you also know the reputation of the department. In order to take part in AAI Aero’s recruitment program, you must meet all of their requirements. You can get a current job notification right at your fingertips. Online applications can be submitted for any job on the official website. You may apply online by following this simple procedure.

  • Visit www.aai.aero.
  • Click on Apply.
  • Select the right job designation for your position.
  • Register with the website.
  • The form must be filled out with proper credentials.
  • Once you register, you will receive your own identifier and password.
  • To access the website, log in.
  • Your photo and signature should be uploaded.
  • The application fee must be paid.
  • You will receive a reply as soon as possible.
  • To apply, please follow the link below.


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